Ruisheng Zhang (张瑞胜)

Sino-U.S. Transnational History of Science and Technology, U.S. Environmental History

About me

Short Bio

Dr. Ruisheng Zhang earned his Ph.D. degree in the History of International Relations from Purdue University in the Unites States. He was an “International Exchange Program” endowed postdoctoral fellow in the History Department at Tsinghua University. Currently, Dr. Zhang is an assistant professor in the School of History at Beijing Normal University. His primary research fields include transnational history and technology, society, and environment. He has presented his work at numerous domestic and international conferences, workshops, and symposia, and received a number of awards for his writing, research, service, and teaching. Additionally, he is a recipient of several research grants and fellowships from different countries and regions including mainland China, Taiwan, and the United States. Currently, Ruisheng is working on his first book project, tentatively titled “A Green Revolution for China–American Engagement with China’s Agricultural Modernization (1925-1979).”

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